AirborneRF 3D Airspace Modelling

ClearSky Connect is happy to partner with Dimetor GmbH on business development and support of their AirborneRF analytics and visualization product for the Canadian market. AirborneRF models existing cellular operations data for leading wireless providers, transforming the data into aviation-grade intelligence for RPAS markets.

1. AirborneRF provides clear aviation grade visualization of existing wireless connectivity data, i.e. precise representations of link strength over varying terrain, natural and man-made obstacles, and restricted fly zones.

2. This data is in turn tested and validated in real time through RPAS in-flight data, which continually verifies and refines the 3D model. Ongoing parameter changes, both internal and external, affect network performance and these in-flight measurements ensure route data accurately reflects current conditions.

3. Using AirborneRF, Wireless Operators can determine what sources are reacting to RPAS flights. Existing cellular networks were not designed for extended line of sight enabled at altitude. This data can prompt network optimization or prompt changes in flight plan to mitigate over-sourcing.

4. The combination of operations data and in-flight data provides the operator with a rich source of empirical data for tuning and optimization of their networks – as demand requires. This ability to measure load at altitude ensures that high traffic routes retain optimal performance for both aerial and terrestrial traffic.

5. The AirboneRF model results in a compelling synthesis of commun-ications and aviation data to provide a reference map for performance of both command-and-control (C2) and payload at any point along the flight plan. This level of predictability for both pre-flight and in-flight brings needed confidence to Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS) flight operations.

6. Connectivity Assurance from ClearSky Connect, powered by Dimetor AirborneRF, will be made available to aviation stakeholders; from enterprises and traffic managers to Civil Aviation Authorities – bringing valuable flight planning and operations capability to market.

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