AerSense (Payload)

A unique set of sensor and communications technology that aggregates processes and visualizes infrastructure status and performance in real-time

Enterprises have specific maintenance requirements for their unique infrastructure. In order to transform operations from reactive to predictive maintenance, sensors can be deployed that observe conditions over time in order to identify trends in asset performance.

When deployed on aerial vehicles such as RPAS, these sensors are referred to as payload. With Continual Line of Sight, large volumes of data can be collected and communicated in real time as flight operations can rapidly scan hundreds of miles of infrastructure at a time.

Sensors by themselves do not provide insights or intelligence. The data collected must be refined and visualized, through software and sophisticated algorithms. With sensor fusion, the correlation of multiple types of data, accuracy of results can be greater than on-site visits.

Included in AerSense is the ability to ‘virtually visit’ the site in real-time so Subject Matter Experts can avoid the expense and time of having to schedule site visits, coordinate resources and monitor weather.