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ClearSky Connect Establishes Strategic Agreement For Canada With Dimetor GmbH

AirborneRF Provides High Resolution 3D Airspace Analytics for Mobile Network Operators

OTTAWA, September 16, 2019 – ClearSky Connect, a Traffic Management System for Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS), announced today that it has entered into a strategic relationship for business development and support of AirborneRF software in Canada with Dimetor GmbH, headquartered in Vienna, Austria.

AirborneRF enables Wireless Operators to measure and manage the effects of wireless connectivity created by increasing RPAS (drone) traffic on their networks. Canadian enterprises intend to use advanced cellular data services to control RPAS beyond line of sight (BLOS) in order to inspect infrastructure, deliver consumer packages, or even dispatch aerial taxis. With AirborneRF, Wireless Operators can help business customers manage their RPAS in a way that is expected to significantly improve safety and use case economics. Once accomplished, RPAS services are expected to grow at an unprecedented rate over the next few years.

“Our goal is to combine the incredible safety and control record of the Canadian aviation industry with the proven scalability and security of Canadian cellular networks.”, said Brian Forbes, cofounder and CEO of ClearSky Connect. “This cannot be a best efforts endeavour. AirborneRF enables Mobile Network Operators to model real time data on network performance in order to make informed decisions that protect existing cellular services while providing 3D connectivity to this new market.”

“Canada has a rich heritage of communications leadership in the global community.” said Thomas Wana, CoFounder and CTO of Dimetor. “We are looking forward to working with ClearSky Connect to bring insight from wireless data modelling of RPAS traffic in order to advance the Canadian market.” “The timing couldn’t be better for capturing communications data in light of this emerging opportunity”, Forbes continued. “We are excited about our new partnership with Dimetor and look forward to continuing efforts to connect the skies above Canada.”

About ClearSky Connect is a Traffic Management System for the Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) market in Canada. Based in Ottawa, ClearSky is developing an advanced portfolio of software and data services that will assist public and private enterprise in Canada with pre-flight connectivity assurance as well as in-flight and post-flight data intelligence and visualization.

About Dimetor brings together significant experience in the aviation, mobile network and software engineering domains to deliver highly scalable software to streamline the flight planning and control processes for UAV operations. Based in Vienna, Austria, Dimetor products are installed and working in multiple international deployments with global carriers today.